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The mental adjustments are complete I guess

February 3, 2012

2 weeks ago, I fell into the habits that I would somewhere I live. Not things I would do if I was taking vacation or visiting. These are habits only engaged when I truly -live- somewhere. In retrospect, that was only phase 1.

Now, after a month of being in the country (a month as of last Tuesday, actually), the environment seems so…default to me. Norway prices, while they still are a big bag of blerg, have lost their initial sense of sticker shock. With my sleep schedule returning to normal, I find I need to remind myself of the time difference over there. The time here seems to be the one I am used to now. Even the fact it doesn’t start getting light out until 8AM (it used to be 8:30 or so, the seasons are more extreme up here) just seems normal, when at first it was really surreal.

A different, less beneficial kind of mental adjustment has taken place too, but this one happens every semester. Around this time, the initial “I have to do as good as I can in this new class” zeal has passed. Now a kind of “the semester is trudging along” apathy has kicked in. I almost always do the worst in my classes in February then any other month (although that is probably in part a coincidence of class booking). I’ll re-center myself a month, if I hold to pattern. Like many other things, we shall see.

Well, as someone who “lives” here, here are a few basic things that people take for granted that might interest outsiders (things that only someone who truly lives here could know).
-The main grocery stores in the area are Coop, Kiwi, ICA, and Rema 1000 (I prefer Kiwi). There is also a convenience store called Joker (seriously).
-NOTHING is open on Sunday (well a few things are, but the city is mostly dead)
-They stop selling Alcohol (in stores) after ~8 PM or so.
-There is only one shop to buy non-beer booze in the city (and the prices…even for Norway this is…yeah).
-The busses are alright (they give change to pay-on passengers), but they aren’t that reliable, best just to walk (and holy hell is there a lot of walking).

I could talk about my week and all that normal blog stuff, but that’s a separate entry (LONG WEEK WAS LONG). Well, I’ll probably get to writing that once I am taking a break from pseudo-homework (I don’t have any “homework” per se, but our projects are very hardcore and I am going to try to dig down and see how I can smash some of the workload for my group early so we can give ourselves time and breathing room).

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