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The net was down because of bureaucratic dumb

January 30, 2012

I was told there was a solar storm that would have let me see the Northern Lights even down on the south tip of Norway. That’s all well and awesome, except that last week (ALL of last week for that matter) it was terminally overcast. Ever since the start of that week, it had been snowing (Sunday, Monday, Thrusday-Next Sunday it snowed). With this week looking to have a day that has a high of -9 C (about 18 F), winter is finally here in Norway “for real” (although I am told that the winter last year was a real beast here. It’s like Kristiansand’s winters are “one year behind” the ones back home).

Anyway, that’s but a minor point. As the title implies, my net was down for most of last week. Because of the nature of my academic work, as well as the nature of important personal things I need to get done relatively soon, this is very damaging. The real irony kicker was the day leading up to it was looking pretty good. Class was only an hour long (normally it’s 3), and there was no group meeting (one person was sick and the other was at work, leaving only half the group left).

At first I suspected my computer, I cleared those suspicions in exactly these steps.
-Walked to school again (keep in mind it’s a little over 2 miles between my place and school), got a different ethernet cord, that didn’t work.
-Walked to school again, talked to some people and did some research about what to do next.
-Walked to the southern part of “the center” (about ~4 miles away), got a USB ethernet adapter, returned home. It didn’t work.

All was not entirely crappy. I treated myself to a trip to the game store in honor of my perserverence during that ordeal. Unfortunately, none of them had The Last Story or Terranigma (the girl shopkeeper at did know what both of those were though, which was cool). They did have Xenoblade Chronicles though, and if it wasn’t coming out in the states that in March, I would have gotten that. I forgot to ask if they had an old-school DS charger. Oh well, I tried.

It turns out the SiA had lost my internet contract (you sign individual contracts to get internet to your rooms, that way they know who has paid the extra fee for it). As a result, they cut my net access off. I gave them my customer copy of my contract and they said they’d turn it on (I even e-mailed the net specialist for my building), but they didn’t until the next day. So from Wedensday through Friday, I was netless at home. It makes me appreciate just how much I use and rely on the net (especially with this computer, since I refuse to install anything right down to the tiniest song that might make customs think I pirated somethign even if I didn’t). Oh well, it’s back now, and that’s what’s important right?

After I got it back, I took a day off from project-ing (on the not-classified project, I had made significant headway on my part of it), and then gave myself a day off on Saturday. I just geeked out over Shenmue all over again (long story as to how that came about) and talked to GF when she wasn’t out volunteering. On Sunday, I just talked to GF a lot and then I just CONKED OUT. Seriously, I must have been up only 5 hours that entire day. My motivation and energy seem to have been snagged. Blerg. Interestingly enough, both of my groupmates were really sick over the weekend. I find when I’m tired like that, it is sometimes my body taking out a sickness before it hits me too. It may have been that.

Well, I was going to talk about how nervous I was about my classified project…well, here’s the ultra short bullet point version
-Nervous about personal ability
-Extreme time constraints
-We’re still stuck on the theoretical after over a month (although we will probably get past that soon).

Well, that’s all for this edition. Life is looking to be dull for a little while until it kicks into high gear once the classified project finally gets past the theoretical stage.

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