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Time for a boring old update

January 25, 2012

(this entry was “pre-recorded” last weekend)

I haven’t been updating nearly about this whole Norway thing nearly as much as I was the previous few weeks. I should rectify that…is what I would say, but I honestly don’t know what to talk about. Apart from a few exceptions, the weeks have been relatively normal. I have done the following things last week.

-Had group meetings, clarified one project and got started on the other
-Protested SOPA and PIPA on line
-Made a presentation for the United States for when we’re up at the international presentation thing at the student pub
-Practiced ASP.NET MVC framework (glad I trained myself on basic C# beforehand, it let me do some “tricks” that seem off the beaten dev path, which is good).
-Researched change management in ITIL
-Talked to people back home.
-Resolved a financial situation*
-Indirectly ordered a few things
-Went to a house party that was being held at the dorm/apt complex I live at (not my room, it was on the floor above). Helped a friend out who partied a bit too hard.
-Ran myself ragged in the week and just slept all through the weekend.

I suppose it does seem more full when you look at it like that. However, I’m not doing anything major or super Norway cool. I’m not going on next week’s skiing trip (I never learned to ski and I am needed with my group), I am not learning the language in the free class (I felt that class would be too disruptive, I need to be on the same academic schedule as my group). I didn’t see anything new or significant in Norway, and I probably never will. I could be back in Omaha doing this project, and assuming all things (classwise, groupwise, and projectwise) are equal, then apart from a few subtle changes it wouldn’t make any difference. It kind of makes me mad that I am in such a position, but I am a student first. If my friends take me back here years later, they’ll ask about all the cool stuff and tourist traps in the country. I’ll just tell them “I don’t know, I spent all my time getting my group project done. It was too intense a semseter, I couldn’t afford to do anything else.” Then agian, this is EVERY semester for me. I just feel like I am losing more then normal because of it this time. Ehh, oh well, I’ll gain more then enough to be usable for my future, and that’s what counts in the end.

Join me next time when I panic and complain about the non-classified parts of my project(s).

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