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Yet more minor things noticed

January 8, 2012

I feel like I am boring people with the petty minutae of my life, but again, I’ve been requested by at least one person to tell zir everything I do here. Others might like living here vicariously through these things. Since the exchange student tour is beginning tomorrow, it is probably best to say these things now before things pick up.

A difference in housing regulations:

At UNO, as long as things don’t get too out of hand, there is no problem. How this is done is agreed on between room mates. However, here things are a lot more…shall we say, static. Here are some example terms and conditions
-Hall and shower/toilet must be cleaned at least 2 times a week
-Joint kitchen must be cleaned at least 2 times a week by those who belong there or share it
-Litter and garbage must be sorted and emptied daily [I haven’t been issued the thing I empty it into yet, FWIW]

However, despite the more…structurally enforced cleaning regimen, there are some upsides. For example, candles are allowed here (but not in “storage space”). I assume alcohol is allowed here too (since the UiA rules say I can). I don’t know if -I- can though, since I am also bound by the UNO code of conduct. We shall see.

Another thing I noticed is that it’s a lot darker in here. I’m not complaining, I’m at home in the darkness. However, the lights here are a lot less all-illuminating. Also, in all of my previous dorms, I lived near some sort of street-light or walkway light that shined in my window. Here the closest thing is the lights from the other windows and a few other things. As you can probably guess, a lot less light shines through them.

Finally, my sleeping schedule being shot is probably a blessng in disguise. It made the flight pretty rough, but I didn’t even feel the time change. If anything, this brought it closer to sanity. It’s not that I don’t feel the time change at all (talking to GF and other friends on various IM services always makes me think “it’s _____ at home right now.” Skyping doubly so (since I know what “morning” looks like with GF and/or my folks).

Also, in an unrelated note (since I figure’d I’d get all my posting out here), I’m having several minor to medium problems with my various electronics. It doubly sucks so far away from home. My new lappy (Laplace) is a Toshiba Satellite. I got it because it was under 400 bucks, the specs looked OK for the price, and I needed a clean laptop for my trip (everything I have on my other one is legal, but there are some cases that customs might misinterpret as otherwise. Better to avoid that problem entirely). There’s an easy way to clean it with a vaccum cleaner (one that has one of those tubes). However I don’t have one here (these dorms aren’t carpeted either, so I don’t think they’ll give one out).

The other problem is that for some reason, my DS is no longer charging with its charger. FWIW, the charger was working before I left (I made a point to charge my portable systems before I got on the plane). I don’t know if the problem is the DS or the charger (it’s an old DS phat FWIW). The battery seems to be “regenerating” very very slowly. Said battery is absolutely SHOT, so even if it was fully charged, I wouldn’t get more then an hour out of it. However, the orange light does not come on when I try to charge it, and when I try to play it with the charger plugged in, the battery drains like normal.

The problems with this are as follows
-It is an old style DS, which isn’t (NEARLY) as widely used as a DS-lite in my experience.
-Even if I could get a replacement charger, it would only work on Norwegian plugs (they are considerably different). Given that I have a plug adapter that converts things to US plugs (and a power strip plugged in to that), I would prefer to have something I can take home with me (even if the local gamestop DID have old style DS chargers in stock).

I am thinking of ordering it from Amazon (hopefully, they’ll deliver to Kristiansand Norway). My only lingering fear is what do I tell customs if they ask if I’m bringing anything out of the country. I technically would be, but it would be something I got from Amazon/e-bay/etc, which would be a US good anyway. It’s all irrelevant now though, since I don’t know the mailing address of my place quite yet.

My lappy does still generally work (apart from those rare times it heat-crashes), and my DS does “regenerate.” Plus my PSP, for all the battery-getting-dislodged problems it has been having, still recharges like a pro, and the charger is completely functional. These aren’t emergencies, but they are annoying and making me grumble. Oh well, I’ll be fine. While I wish I could curl up on the couch at my folks house and watch GF play Bioshock, I know I’m needed here. We shall see where this takes me.

I can’t believe I got all of my Norway blogging backlog done

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