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The rest of the school week

January 8, 2012

I doubt I’m going to be as thorough once classes start next week, so I am trying to get as much as I can done now.

Day 2

Got up and and did the old walk to school bit. After staying with the international crew, those of us who don’t have class on “week 1” (most of us) went to the Museum. It was a fascinating look at how buildings were in the past in Norway (most of them are older then the US itself). However, the experience was dampened a bit by how ****ING COLD IT WAS (it wasn’t super cold, but having to stand around outside a lot exaggerates the effect). Walked back home and did some minor shopping (got a good deal on Salt :D).

One nap later it was off to the pre-party with my erasmus group (our group tends to do that). After some drinking games we hoof it to the party proper. I went through…a lot of booze, and the next day I have mysterious bruises on my knees (when I dance, I go all out). Also, I managed to avoid a hangover (a lot of water and some ibProufin).

Day 3

I had some WEIRD dreams that night. It’s hard to explain, but between them and some potent hallucinations…well, I’m glad I’m all better now at any rate. I walked to town and took the guided tour. My group wasn’t there (they were meeting somewhere else, and my cell phone doth not work on Norway, so I didn’t get the memo). After a lot of that (and the most walking I did all week) we went back and hung out (well, first I got groceries and took a nap). I was going to hang out with the group before we went to the student pub (Pir6), however I had a kidney stone that was really acting up. SO much so I had was throwing up and had to call an ambulance (actually, I had to go to the nearby grocery store and have them make the call). The EMT’s here wear red with yellow vests, and ambulances are yellow. It was long and painful, but treatment was administered. Medicine costed 301 NOK. I was told to show the recepit to BlueCross/BlueShield and I’ll get a refund (doubt it, that’s basically my required copay). I was given a cab ride back, I was going to pay for my way back (130 NOK), but the state covered it. The medicine was a suppository, and since I’ve never personally applied one of those, it was a different experience. However, it did work wonders, and my back is better.

I’m definitely not minding this whole socialized medicine thing (especially because in this country’s standards, I am relatively poor), however I have mixed feelings about their difference in Methodology. Going by both what happened to me before and what happened to my grandma, the first step is usually an X-ray to see where the stone is, how many there are, etc. Here we just operated under the idea that it was a stone and went from there. It is a probable guess and saves money, but at the same time it might be a lot worse and we don’t know it. I don’t want to question the ways of things in other places, but I’m wondering if that approach is better strategically.

Anyways, getting back on topic, when I got home I was loopy and just rested a lot. Not much to report, I am sad I missed the thing at the Student Pub (I didn’t get back from the Hospital until 9:30, and I was really loopy and tired from the medicine, so that wasn’t going to happen).

Well, that’s my life up to the present. I know it isn’t as thick as my usual stuff, but trust me, the days were just as dense.

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